Julie's "photojournalistic coverage" of President Reagan
FINIALLY, 25 years later, SEPE releases the images of Pres. R. R. back to Julie Ann McGaughey. Julie photographed him for approx. eight hours during their convention in downtown Atlanta. Twenty-Five years later, Julie still raves about how wonderful a person he was. Photographing President Reagan is one of the "highlights" of her career. Julie says that she can remember her awesome experience with him as if it was yesterday.
John Snieder from the "Dukes of Hazard", Conway Twitty, Vice Pres. Agnew and other personailities are in Julies portfolio, soon to be on her web site. Julie's photo agency can accommodate your publication needs. Also, they may be leased for Internet use. You can contact her regarding such purchases: artistjulieann@yahoo.com